Solo Dining

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In my blog and on twitter, I have suggested for people to come along to a Supper Club either solo, in a couple or as part of a group.

It got me thinking how I have experienced Supper Clubs always going with someone I knew already, having a friendly face at your side when you walk into a room full of new people.

So when I signed up to Table for Ten opening night, I decided to dine solo and experience how it felt – would I be eating alone?

I was having a friend of my son for a sleepover, so once I had fed the two nine year olds and my husband, I prepared to head out. My boys dropped me off and I bravely walked up the path to the house where the Supper Club was being held.

One of the hosts Ros opened the door with a big smile and welcomed me in. I was then led into the living-room of this beautiful home, to meet Edi, one of the front of house members of this team of four; a few people were gathered already and conversation had started, wonderful canapes and fizz were served and the nerves disappeared.

Edi got us to play a game to learn each others names, we then headed through to dinner, bravely Ros and Claire where cooking in the same room as we were eating.

I found my place, I was sat between Katey @edin_eats and her husband, conversation flowed while the excellent food was served.

Before the pudding was served, the ladies moved round the table so I had new people to chat with.

A very enjoyable evening meeting new people and hopefully I made new friends; whether you are single or a mum like me who likes to eat out but can’t always get a babysitter, a widow or someone newly divorced, a supper club is a safe, friendly environment to eat out on your own, meet others with common interests and make some new friends.

I would welcome anyone thinking about trying it to come along to my Supper Club or try one of the many that are starting in Edinburgh and the Borders.

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