Homemade chutneys.  £3.50 each or 3 for £10.  They can also be gift wrapped for an additional £1


Copper Mango_MG_0894



Banana chutney, great spread on cheese/ ham sandwiches or served along with popadoms with your favourite curry


Copper Mango_MG_0899




Tomato and red pepper chutney, sweet summer tomatoes with a bite


Copper Mango_MG_0904Autumn Chutney, a good all rounder

Copper Mango_MG_0906Mango Chutney, chunky and fruity


Copper Mango_MG_0907Nectarine Chutney, oven baked wonderful taste of summer

Copper Mango_MG_0909-EditPlum sauce, taste and favour of the exotic, made from homegrown Edinburgh plums


Copper Mango_MG_0911Chilli jam, can be eaten straight, brush over meat & fish or add to yoghurt for a dip

Copper Mango_MG_1014Pick any 3 jams or chutneys – gift wrapped for £11