My First Supper Club

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My First Supper Club

Well, what a fab night- after all the preparation and cooking, the night went off really well and it all wound down about midnight. My husband performed miracles in keeping the dishes under control all evening and the kitchen was tidier throughout the evening than I’ve ever seen it when he’s been responsible for anything in it. My friend who was front of house did magnificently well and quite a few people commented on how professional she was.

In the morning we had a few call off’s we went from 17 to 13 at first I was worried but it allowed us to have one big table right down the middle of the room. So I have decided that my supper club will be for 14 not 20 so the first lesson I learnt – smaller is better.

I was calm at first, and it was not until 6.30pm, with about 30 minutes to go, that the nerves kicked in – I started thinking, what if no-one turns up, what if they did not enjoy the food, what if no one speaks to each other. Anyway all these fears were to be proved unfounded.

At 7.30pm, people were mingling and sipping cocktails and eating nibbles. By 7.45pm, everyone was seated for the starter boards, rolls and bread from Andente in Morningside – something for everyone – the marinated peppers where a great hit.

The second thing I learnt over the course of the evening was to allow people time to enjoy their food – by 8.30 we were clearing the starters and allowing them a lull before the main course.

Unlike a commercial restaurant, where you might start eating by 7 and be out by 9, we had only one sitting and no worry about when people would leave, letting the evening wind down naturally.

With one big table, we decided to put out two large pots of choc chip chilli, accompanied by two large pots of rice, three large dishes of chicken enchiladas.

Everyone enjoyed sharing and discussing their choice not plating up allowed everyone to decide how much they wanted or if they wanted second or even thirds.

On the home straight now, puddings plated up in the kitchen – white chocolate and raspberry cheese cake accompanied with a sparkling wine and pomegranate jelly, which gave everyone something sweet and something tart – empty plates came back.

Coffee on and I could leave the kitchen – everyone seemed to have enjoyed their evening, some may have questioned supper clubs – how can they grow, who would come back, will I believe more people will come back or try a different supper club in the near future.

Everyone paid up and some even left a tip – so thank you all.

Will I do it again YES date for the next Teaclub Supper Club will be the 12th of November 2011.

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