Freezer Fill

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Why a Freezer Fill?

More of us want to eat better– eat more vegetables, more fruit, less additives. You may also wish to eat more homemade food but find making meals from recipes — often for one to two people — can lead to food waste.

My freezer fills at present are for one or two people — larger portions can be catered for with sufficient notice.

A freezer fill will have seven soups, seven main courses; you can opt for baked goods, puddings or a mixture of both.

Soups — choose from delicious homemade soups like lentil, sweetcorn chowder, pea and tarragon, fresh tomato and seasonal flavours. Please ask when ordering for the latest flavours.
Mains — choose from delicious meals such as four hour slow cooked beef stew, spanish chicken, chicken curry, pasta sauce, beef chilli, shepherds pie, sweet and sour chicken, traditional mince, stewed sausages, lasagne, bacon and cheese tart.

Puddings — choose from favourites such apple crumble, apple and rhubarb crumble, sticky toffee pudding, bread and butter pudding
Baked goods — choose from the likes of scones, banana loaf, muffins, tea bread


  • freezer fill for one person, £50 (with baked goods)- £65 (with puddings)
  • freezer fill for two, £90 (with baked goods) – £115 (with puddings)

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